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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained in the region of Ribatejo, Santarém – Portugal, and has a very low acidity and a unique taste!

The packaging process is carefully studied in order to preserve along time the features of high quality of our extra virgin olive oil, and the packaging design is inspired in the portuguese culture.

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High quality extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives of the Ribatejo region, only by mechanical process. It is characterized by a very low acidity, 0.2%, fruity with ripe olives, with slight notes of green olive leaves and fresh fruits, such as apple, slightly bitter and peppery. Can be used directly in salads and entrees (for seasoning), cooked or combined with other foods and even desserts. Ideal for any diet, including Mediterranean Diet, recognized by the World Health Organization as the most balanced.


The packaging process is carefully studied in order to reduce the exposure of the olive oil to light, avoiding oxidation and preserving along the time the features of high quality of our product. If the oil is in contact with the light for too long, it can oxidize and lose its properties, particularly its taste. Our packaging design is inspired by the patterns of portuguese tiles, contributing to the dissemination of Portuguese culture!

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Dimensions 8.7 × 5.6 × 12.9 cm



Arbequina, Galega

Peroxide value

5 meq O₂/Kg


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