Unique Portuguese Taste produces and sells the Galache olive oil, a high quality and excellent taste olive oil, combined with a brand that belongs to the history of Portugal, winning international awards already in the 19th century!

As referred in old documents of “Quinta do Freixo” (Freixo farm), the Galache olive oil was there produced back in the middle of the 19th century, in an olive mill that existed in the farm at that time. Is was a high quality olive oil, and won several national and international awards in that period, such as: Lisbon Agriculture Exposition, which took place in 1886 at the old “Tapada Real”, Toulouse National Exposition in 1887, Barcelona Universal Exposition in 1888, or even the Special Mention Award at the Paris Exposition in 1889.

Such international awards and acknowledgments were announced and praised in many journals at that time, as indicated in the following articles:

Nowadays, we continue to maintain this brand already so old in the history of Portugal, by keeping the high standards of the extra virgin olive oil, and thus preserving a secular tradition that is so dear and acknowledge to us.