Unique Portuguese Taste: a young portuguese company that produces and sells an olive oil with high quality and unique taste, with an old brand – Galache!

Unique Portuguese Taste, Lda., is a company with production and head office located in Santarém, Portugal, and is dedicated to the exportation and diffusion of Portuguese products worldwide.

Our company turns its attention to the agriculture in Portugal, and mainly to the production of high quality olive oils. This activity is already noticed in the amount of awards won by Portugal in this area and consequent importance and respect that Portugal is winning in the olive oil market worldwide.

Our olive oil is obtained by the olive grove located at “Quinta do Freixo” farm, property of the family, where it has exceptional weather conditions and fertile soils, and is part of a centenary tradition of olive grove and olive oil production, as proven by the history of the Galache brand that was originated at this farm.

Our mission is to make known the best portuguese products, with high quality and natural origin, contributing for our consumers healthy eating and well-being, promoting at the same time the senses and taste discovery